David Gandy for SM Men’s Fashion – Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014- more pics!!!

SM Men's Fashion PFW 2013

David Gandy for SM Men's Fashion PFW 2013SM Men's Fashion PFW 2013

I would personally like to thank SM Men’s Fashion for giving me the opportunity to cover this event with the free invites last October 24, 2013 at SMX Convention Center – DAVID Gandy for SM Men’s Fashion – Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014.

British Supermodel David Gandy dubbed as the highest paid model in the world is the newest face of THE SM STORE – SM Men’s Fashion.

I was so happy seeing him walk on the runway with that aristocracy level of confidence and was able to take pictures of him doing his much anticipated walk. He showed us how to properly walk on the runway. It was quite a fast one though just circling around the stage and leaving so soon but it was worth seeing him.

One of the highlights of the night of course is SM Men’s newest designs for males from pastel, red, yellow to jewel tone men’s apparel, denim with a twist and of course lots of graphics. Blazers and sweaters all looking good!!!

IMG_1900 IMG_1863

This was the first time for me watching a show in Philippine Fashion Week with a live Orchestra Playing in the Background. The stage was nice with a glant moving model of a revolver gun barrel enough for a model to fit in inside.

Feel free to browse more pictures from the show! The famous Brazilian/Japanese models did a great job walking on the runway wearing the latest collection from SM Mens.

I had the chance to interview some of the models like Fabinho Ide, Dan Matsunaga, Hideo Muraoka,  Osny Fernandez, and DoPrado Rafael and they were all thankful that they had this experience sharing the runway with David Gandy and thankful to everyone who watched the show as well.

IMG_1862 IMG_1795 IMG_1794 IMG_1275

SM Men’s did a great job with the model selections since most of them exudes confidence in wearing the jackets, blazers, sweaters, coats, etc.

IMG_1255 IMG_1253 IMG_1249

Thanks to BIZU for the macarons served to us while watching the models on the runway.

IMG_1245 IMG_1244 IMG_1237 IMG_1235IMG_1199 IMG_1198 IMG_1197 IMG_1193 IMG_1180

More pictures coming your way!

IMG_1148 IMG_1146 IMG_1147 IMG_1129

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