#GlobeBestNightEver at HYVE with APOCALYPTO Pre- Zedd Concert Party

575261_661899563830210_1451851952_nBaHlSWMCUAAci65599326_661897983830368_635912545_nIt was the most amazing night ever last November 29, 2013 Friday as we celebrate and party with HYVENATION, Enjoy Globe, Rod Magaru and Blackberry Phillipines HYVE APOCALYPTO party! Dubbed as #GlobeBestNightEver and #GlobeZedd, a pre-concert party event at the posh bar in the fort HYVE featuring DJ Apocalypto -Mitch Thomas Apocalypto in real life.

We love EDM of course! Everyone was jumping and shouting when he played his remix version of Stay the Night, Wrecking Ball and a whole lot more! This is a one night only party with Apocalypto at HYVE and we miss him already lol. Zedd will have a concert on December 12, 2013 at SMX Convention Center. Check my blog under Lifestyle and ManilaConcert- ZEDD Moment of Clairty Tour for more details.

IMG_3741 IMG_3760 IMG_4283 898_661898973830269_925618292_nFeel free to browse more pictures! Thank you Apocalypto for coming to Manila! Thanks to my friendship Rod Magaru. We would like to thank Globe Telecom -@enjoyglobe @blackberryPh and @rodmagaru @hyve_ph

971599_661896637163836_703423802_n 993481_661900160496817_570721596_n 1186747_661895997163900_55927901_n 1424334_661898750496958_1134180173_n 1426261_661894300497403_470389537_n 1426300_661898657163634_1093664263_n 1441551_661899213830245_1712680241_n 1450331_661897287163771_932189686_n 1454833_661896487163851_59793131_n

IMG_3724 IMG_3759 1454623_661898757163624_533387315_n


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