Nikki Gil’s First Cosmo – Good Girl Gone Cosmo – December 2013

IMG_4254My favorite girl Nikki Gil is the cover of Cosmopolitan MagazineDecember issue. Grab a copy now!

This was the first ever Cosmo for Nikki Gil. She thinks that being a Cosmo Girl means you are a strong woman who encountered lots of experiences and challenges in life and still manage to look good inside and out. Nikki also loves pampering herself at the spa during her free time away from the busy showbiz lifestyle.  She also recounts that one of her biggest achievement this year was travelling to Europe on her own since most of the time she was travelling with her parents or business trips for work.  She believes that God has a plan for her, getting engaged, getting married, having a family with kids. Nikki Gil definitely embodies the perfect youth model today as she carries herself well both in public and in showbiz. Way to go Nikki!

We all know that she started with the soda commercial and also who will forget the lyrics of her song SAKAYAN NG JEEP paving the way to the top of the OPM charts everywhere and giving her the road to success in the industry. Trivia: She was a last-minute replacement for a famous band singer who couldn’t make it.

Nikki%20Gil%20December%20Cover%20Shoot%20BTS%20(11)Check out more details belowfrom her Cosmo Interview:

2.6 Million
followers on Twitter. She says, “I only post at most three status updates a day. I don’t like taking up cyber space if I don’t have anything worth saying!”

The year Nikki signed a record deal. Her debut song “Sakayan ng Jeep” zoomed to the top of the pop charts and stayed there for three months. Her leading man in the song’s cute music video? A classmate of hers from high school!

Age when Nikki started as a talent in commercials. “I endorsed everything from milk to soap,” she remembers.

 “I’m 26 and proud of it!”
“In showbiz, people tend to think that the younger you are, the better it is for you—what with the kids getting all the breaks at work. I’ve come to realize that the older you get, the more seasoned you actually become. You get the respect you worked for when you were younger, and you get the wisdom you’ve earned from making mistakes, as an actress, in public view. With age comes depth and experience—and that gives a woman something essential that adds to her character.”

The year Nikki became an Olay woman. She stars in her first commercial for the world-renowned beauty brand and appears in Olay Conversations with Boy Abunda.

Here’s the video of Sakayan Ng Jeep! Enjoy!

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