Celebrating my 5th Year in Chevron at Saboten Serendra BGC

 IMG_4124It was my long overdue 5th Year Anniversary Celebration in my awesome  company Chevron Holdings Inc. woot woot!  My exact anniversary was July 16, 2013. I have decided to celebrate it over at Saboten in Serendra Bonifacio Global City yesterday December 05, 2013.  I invited my Supervisor Ellen and my team mates Darylle, Marian, Kaye, Reg, Joan and Norline. The newly weds and my favorite boss Rachelle also came in with Nino. It was a fun night to remember seeing my mentors and friends. I wasn’t able to invite everyone from Global HRIM team. Thankful for the huge budget still!!!

We all enjoyed the food and the ambiance at this famous resto in Bonifacio Global City. Most of us ordered “SNOW” and “MOON” these are the most famous set meals the resto is offering. IMG_4138 I feel so sorry for my Supervisor Ellen because she is not feeling well but she looks gorgeous last night. It was nice seeing Rachelle and Nino, as they always add colour to the occasion especially Rachelle with her smile and jokes lol. We started eating the famous Cabbage Salad first and everyone agreed that it taste good especially the tartar dressing and soysauce.

It was a fun evening. I thought it was Friday already lol. We were all full and all agreed that we enjoyed the meal.

IMG_4146 IMG_4145 IMG_4144 IMG_4143 IMG_4141


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